Sheesha (a.k.a. nargile, peacepipe, hookah, hubbly-bubbly) is an old favourite passtime amongst locals and a fashionable activity to try for those who are yet to experience it. Sheesha coffee shops are sprawled all over the city of Dubai in all shapes and sizes.

Sheesha's are water pipes used to smoke flavoured tobacco. These are usually fruit flavoured, but trendy places will offer more of a variety of flavours such as coffee and some will even serve sheesha in cut out fruit for a fuller flavours and a visual treat.

The sheesha coffee shops are a place where friends get together not only to smoke sheesha or drink coffees and fresh juices but also play cards, backgammon, chess, and other board games and electronic games machines which are available for people to pass their time.

Sheesha is also available to try on a complimentary basis on most desert safari tours.