Snow Park, situated at Mall of the Emirates, brings all the fun of snow skiing to the desert and is a superb facility.

The snow-making process involves atomising liquid water to create a cloud inside the building; this cloud is then 'sprinkled' with minuscule hard ice particles, which allow snow crystals to from and fall out of the cloud. This is normally only done at night as it creates a 'white out' in the centre, which would obviously cause poor visibility for skiers and snow boarders.

Ski Dubai holds over 6,000 tonnes of snow at any given time and is the third largest indoor snow dome in the world. It boasts such features as a 400 metre ski run and a snowboarding park including a metal rail for stunts and purpose built jumps.

There are five multi-directional slopes with varying slope gradients, the steepest of which would, in my opinion, be about the equivalent of a steep 'blue' run in Europe.

The lift system includes a four-man chair and a button lift for the middle and upper slopes and moving walkways for the beginners slopes. Ski Dubai is excellent for children and includes the world's largest indoor snow play area and kids party rooms.

Other special design features, such as the way the structure of the building is used to create an insulated box around the slope and how the snow on the slope is cooled from within, all help make this feat of snow in the desert possible, economical and efficient.

Group instructions, lesson packages and private tuition are all available, and entry prices include ski jackets and trousers, boots, skis or a snowboard, disposable socks, poles and medial insurance. Lockers may be rented. There is a discount of 5% if you have brought suitable clothing for skiing and a further 5% if you have had presence of mind to bring your skis, boots and poles to the desert!

Please note, skiers need to meet the minimum skill requirements to be allowed to access the main slope. Skiers and snowboarders not meeting these requirements will need to take lessons.

Snow Park is open from 10am until 11pm during the week and from 9am until 11pm at weekends.

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