Wild Wadi is located next to the Burj Al Arab hotel and 20 minutes from the centre of Dubai. It is, as suggested by the name, a water theme park covering 12 acres and featuring 23 fun-filled rides. Arrive early to reserve loungers in the best positions around the wave pool with the magnificent Burj Al Arab providing the backdrop. Thrill seekers are rushed up the rides by high powered water jets whilst sitting on large rubber rings. Rings are available for either single or double use, which is handy if you have smaller children or you just cannot bear to be apart. When you reach the top of the rides, slide down the flumes for a gentle entry into the temprature-cntrolled water.

Wild Wadi is meticulously maintained and thoroughly safe as it is patrolled by numerous lifeguards who are present on all rides. Wild Wadi is great fun for all the family and comes highly recommended for all age groups.

Upon entry the guest is supplied with a waterproof wristwatch which stores electronic credits so that towels, lockers, food and refreshments can be paid for electronically without he need to carry cash around you. Any credit left over is refunded as you exit the water park until 11pm at weekends.

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